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Vuestic UI is an OpenSource Vue 3 based UI framework. It is a MIT-licensed UI framework that provides ready-to-use frontend components that are easily configurable and speed up development of responsive and fast-loading web interfaces. It was initially released in May 2021 by Epicmax and that is what Vuestic UI today.

Vue 3 compatible: Seamless Vue.js integration 🤘

Accessible: designed for all users ❗

Responsive: Adapts to various screens and devices

Global config: Customize components effortlessly

Dark Theme: Stylish built-in dark mode 🖤

i18n integration: Simplifies app localization

Customizable: Adapt components to your design 💅

Professional support: Fast and reliable assistance from the core team  🫂

Customize Everything

Make Vuestic UI components match your designs with powerful dynamic configs.
Vuestic UI components

Seamless Integration

Use Vuestic UI with other component libraries without any conflicts.

Open Source

Vuestic UI is forever free and open to contributions. See our issues , contributing guide and discord server to help us improve Vuestic UI experience.
Open source

Vuestic Admin

Check out Vuestic UI Framework in action.
Vuestic Admin
  • Vue 3, Vite, Pinia, and Tailwind CSS

  • Responsive Design

  • Dark theme

  • Global Configuration

  • Professional Support