UI Element Requirements

This page is intended for Vuestic UI contributors. It describes the requirements for the UI elements.

High Level Strategy

  • Components should be as user expects them to be. We achieve that by checking refs (Vuetify, Quasar, Ant Design, iView, Element UI, etc.).
  • Components should be of high quality. We achieve that by manually testing edge-cases and by early refactoring.
  • Components should be eligible according to WAI ARIA and WCAG.

Core Features

  • Visual feedback - When a user interacts with a component they should see a result of their actions (could be implemented with :active selector or somehow else depending on the case).
  • Keyboard navigation - You must ensure that UI elements are keyboard-accessible, and you must disable that functionality for elements that should not receive keyboard focus.
  • Stateless support (see the StatefulMixin).